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The work plan to be followed in REPTILE project is structured into eight separated Work Packages (WP) divided into different tasks, each one having a distinctive role towards the accomplishment of the project objectives.    


Interdependences of Work Packages

The RTD activities will be developed in different stages in order to obtain a final prototype system, through various steps involving development of knowledge, development of base technologies, design and integration of prototype system and proof-of-concept runs to produce and test recovered cells:

The demonstration activities developed in REPTILE project will be focused on checking the capabilities of the prototype system as a source of wafers and solar cells with customizable sizes and high efficiencies to feed a photovoltaic module production. This production will obtain special
photovoltaic modules, with different geometries demanded by the end customer. In order to validate the prototype, those modules will be installed and validated technically and economically according to a well defined testing protocol.

The photovoltaic modules used to validate the final result of the project, will be manufactured using re-processed silicon wafers and solar cells produced with the prototype system developed during the RTD activities. The prototype system will be assembled using modular components developed by the RTOs during the RTD Work Packages, and installed into the actual production facility of Solartec to allow the demonstration activities to take place within a real production environment of a SME. This approach requires tight coordination between all consortium members to guarantee compatibility and flawless integration between the developed parts; the experience of INGESEA in system design is vital for this goal, as well as coordination and supervision actions.

The validation will be an iterative process, so after each test it could be necessary to modify one or some steps or elements of prototype system to satisfy the requirements needed in the prototype system.

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