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The main aim of REPTILE project is to develop an automated method for repairing and reusing silicon wafers and solar cells, based on the interlinking of luminescence-based characterization and laser-based processing, by means of computer data processing in a single system.

To achieve this goal, some requirements need to be defined from the technical point of view, which should be met during the course of REPTILE project, including:

  • Definition of characteristics to be detected to identify damaged areas of the cells and silicon wafers.
  • Selection of process parameters and requirements.
  • Development of an automated characterization system.
  • Automation of process for isolation of defective areas.
  • Integration of both systems (characterization and processing system).

Due to the nature of the wafers and solar cells selected to develop the REPTILE project, the end product (photovoltaic panels) will have an added value because of using waste and rejections of conventional industrial production of photovoltaic modules as raw material.

With the method developed within REPTILE project, an economic raw material will be obtained from discards of conventional photovoltaic industry to generate modules with customizable geometry that could be installed on architectural solutions (buildings, infrastructure, signalling, etc.) or in any other kind of solution as requested by the final customer.

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