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AIMEN Technology centre provides advanced research and technological services to industry since 1967, as a non-profit private association, in various fields related to manufacturing and materials processing: Joining technology, Laser technology, Forming, Materials Sciences, Lifecycle Management and Improvement, Non-destructive Testing, etc.

With over 225 employees, AIMEN is a highly professional organisation working to a wide range of industrial sectors, comprising Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Metalworking, Wind Energy, Metallurgical, Construction.

Our large workforce has a considerable amount of experience in both research and technical fields. The Technology Centre AIMEN has coordinated and collaborated on several regional, national and European research projects through various research calls.

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ISC Konstanz is a research institute, specialized in R&D of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules. In addition to research and development, ISC Konstanz promotes the use of photovoltaic technology. The institute provides advanced training for experts in photovoltaic, offer internships and study visits to their labs for schools. In the development aid projects solar cells left over from R&D projects are donated to bring solar power to the poorest countries in the world. ISC Konstanz is currently involved in three national public funded projects and two European FP7 projects.

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Company Solartec specializes in the PV area. Apart from production of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules, design and installation of PV systems and plants, delivering the PV modules and components, solving the industrial applications, etc., Solartec is focused on development and production of solar cells for special applications - small parts of cells, customized solar cells and modules various sizes and shapes.

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Solartec has designed and tested innovative processes and solar cell structures with the main targets of enhanced cell performance and decreased production costs within various R&D projects. Solartec was and is participant or the coordinator of leading PV projects in the Czech Republic and several other EU projects and plays the key role in promoting PV technology in Czech Republic.

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ENOPSYS - Energy Optimised Systems is established for the promotion of renewable energy sources, rational use of energy and energy conservation to public and private sector. Regarding the project, ENOPSYS have the ability and knowledge to take over an assignment regarding the installation of a photovoltaic system from scratch. ENOPSYS make all necessary techno-economical studies (and studies needed by the Public Power Corporation of Greece) and then proceed to installation of the proposed system with experienced personnel. ENOPSYS can also test and study various types of photovoltaic panels within the project orientation in order to extract significant results concerning the panels efficiency.

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With a professional background in industrial automation, and over 10 years of experience in the solar R&D&i, technicians of INGESEA (Ingeniería y soluciones en energías alternativas S.L.) have designed, manufactured, set up and started up several Photovoltaic and Thermal Solar module production lines.

INGESEA offers an industrial production and manufacturing concept to integrate all the R&D ideas in an
efficiently automated production line. INGESEA is involved in the whole value chain, in equipment and new system developments, from the initial definition of the idea passing from the mechanical design, programming and finishing in the quality control.

Their expertise includes machine vision for automatic inspection and classification of PV cells, including cell inspection, handling and sorting. INGESEA's expertise in industrial manufacturing automation excels in factory automation of crystalline PV manufacturing. They have sold machines such us automatic framing stations to the most important PV manufacturers of Spain, France and other countries. Other machines delivered had been automatic lines and complete turn-key production lines.

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